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Before submitting a request, check these few things. It could save you time and money



Carefully remove your air filter from your HVAC unit. Hold the filter up to the light and look for any sign of buildup, including dust and debris. If the filter is dirty, replace it immediately. Then turn on the thermostat, check for any unusual sounds, and make sure air is flowing properly. A clean air filter can bring relief to allergy and asthma sufferers and is effective at removing larger particles like dust and spores from the air. 



Locate your thermostat and check for these things: you should hear a click when you adjust the temperature, make sure the temperature is shown on the thermostat display, check the battery level and replace batteries if needed, and finally check for any dust or debris on the thermostat that may effect the sensors. You can gently dust off any residue with a soft, dry cloth.




Locate your home's circuit breaker. Before opening panel, make sure you are wearing non conductive shoes and standing on a dry surface. Find the switch that say "FURNACE" or "AIR CONDITIONER". A tripped breaker switch is usually in the middle postion. If it is, then flip it all the way off and then back on. Some panels (GFCI) will have a "Test" and "Reset" button instead. Hit the "Reset" button to restore power on these panels.



Locate the SSU and disconnect on your unit. They are normally located near the outdoor unit for your air conditioning.  The SSU is usually a small box located on a wall or near your HVAC unit. Find the disconnect swith within the SSU, it may be a simple lever or a switch. Make sure it is in the "ON" position. Once the power is restored, make sure your furnace is working properly again.

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